Independent Escort Services in Dubai

On the Internet today you can find many sites with services for adults. Escort is one of the most sought-after of them. In the West, escort services are understood as the accompaniment of a beautiful and intelligent companion, with whom you can come to a business meeting, business dinner and other events, and also have a pleasant time. Such a girl will not just be an adornment of the company, she can be an excellent interlocutor or a guide to local attractions for visitors.

Abroad, this business is put on stream and is in high demand. For a businessman, a top manager and many other categories of men to come to a meeting, negotiations, a banquet without such accompaniment are considered bad form. Order an independent escort services in dubai for a long time for trips on a business trip, on vacation, even for cohabitation. This service is a good solution for single wealthy men who do not have time for dating and courtship.

In our reality, independent escort services in dubai have a specific sexual connotation. Despite the fact that agencies conduct castings with very strict conditions of ion (bright appearance, well-spoken speech, upbringing, erudition, knowledge of foreign languages), the essence of the work is reduced to mandatory sexual relations. And although it emphasizes that to enter into an intimate relationship a girl can only at will, as a rule, four such cases of five end up in bed.

Escort services in Dubai are completely legal and are considered one of the types of economic activity. Average rates depend on what the client wants to receive. They can range from 500-1000 USD to 100-200 $ per hour. In connection with the crisis, some agencies offer to pay for an escort.